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Welcome to our Enchanted Tiller Healer Paradise.  A magical gateway that connects two points in space and time.  Transport us to the Past, from our Present, and back to the Future. 

A beacon of hope with a higher purpose for humanity to preserve nature for self-healing and sustainability.

The happiest heaven on Earth for Global Healers, Innovative Scientists, Creative Artists, Higher Thinkers, and Compassionate Humanitarians.   We welcome you to enhance your own personal well-being by discovering a hidden Tiller Healer.   Several hundreds  acres of rolling woodlands in an exclusive swath of South West of Oregon suburbia prized for its luxury homes,  and rural tranquility.  Wellness Centric research & development with cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality of our lifestyles, with renewable energy for a sustainable future.

As more and more tourists are looking for creative ways to escape the Covid-19 pandemic (and/or 2020) and satiate their wanderlust. Self-sufficient mini houses have skyrocketed in demand, and are being  is vying to meet these demands.  If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in a paradise far, far away, Tiller Healer’s Emerald Forest is just the place to discover. Southern Oregon has many beautiful places where everywhere you turn you’ll find spectacular Instagrammable scenery.  If you’re tired of the urban rat race, get ready to explore the most beautiful waterfalls and lakes around in Tiller.

Imagine a haven for refreshing the body, mind, and spirit.  As you inhale deeply, a burst of clean air nourishes your lungs; whiffs of fresh-scented Douglas Pines green vegetation lingering on the cool wind.  Imagine the rushing sound of crystal clear waters from the Umpqua River flowing through a green paradise like a musical symphony.  The rhythm of the heartbeats echo from the deep cave blended with the singing waterfall.  Imagine behind this peaceful verdant paradise a hub for innovative minds, cutting-edge technology, renewable green & clean energy from nature.  

Imagine no more:  welcome to the “new” Tiller Town.  A wellness sanctuary that makes your heart sing with rejuvenation.  We believe this is one of the few places left on earth to preserve the holy grail for your optimal well-being.  It is also a remarkable place with ethereal beauty.  You will be healed by fully connected with your true nature.   It is a romantic place for destination weddings, family vacations, school reunions, corporate retreats, and Forever Young Infusion (FYI) therapy.  This is the emerging area of research regarding which nature is the potential therapeutic benefits factors that lead to increased health and longevity. 

As visionaries and collaborations with local communities, we are poised to transform this hibernating timber town, infusing it with greater economic opportunities from global talents and transformational technology, at the same time utilizing green, clean & renewable energy and preserving its natural setting. 

Critical factors in community planning for Tiller’s transformation will involve human compassion, infinite renewable, cleaner and greener energies.  Critical success factors comprise:

  •  Designed for “Forward Thinkers” with the focus on achieving optimal well-being.
  • Transformational tech talents & visionary developers.
  • Biodegradable plant-based for PPE from Covid-19, packaging and recyclable wastes.
  • Renewable Green & Clean biofuel production and hydrogen-powered systems to assist other cities to become smarter and be self-sustainable.
  • Apply Ai smart farming techniques and grows on a nutrient-rich riverbed.
  •   Innovations in greenhouse technology are making it increasingly possible to grow plant foods sustainably and abundantly in regions where they have not previously grown well or at all, including Antarctica, Baja California, and Las Vegas, to name just a few. And greenhouse farming can be done using only a fraction of the land, water, energy, and other resources animal agriculture uses.
  •  Telemedicine with telexistence avatar, and autonomous assisted living.
  •   Quantum cloud computing & Internet of Things (IoT) for well-connected communication.
  •   Blockchain technology for a more secure and cost-effective digital economy.

Plans for town revitalization include actively seeking business joint ventures, recruiting top global talents, and attracting diverse cultures, arts, and entertainment through tourism.  Collaborative partnerships with transformational technology companies.  Engaged local communities combined with a highly educated and qualified workforce, also play some of the vital roles in forming a successful and prosperous town.    

Tiller’s sustainable growth project will be nurturing through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.  Riding on the concept of “The Match Of Miracle,” private donors and corporate businesses are encouraged to match contributions toward fundraising, and other products and services to help charity organizations “create miracles.”  Active Volunteers will also benefit from the collective resources when our community has successfully achieved.  The ‘Good DEEDs’ will be translated into a ‘CreDEEDs’ system.  Participants may also enjoy affordable products and services that are produced locally.

We encourage universities to partner with businesses on study-to-work apprenticeship programs; and investing in enhancing its social infrastructure to be more accessible.

Hundreds of acres will be dedicated to hotel resorts, restaurants, commercial spaces,  private and corporate retreat centers, hot-spring spas, and eco-therapy for wellness treatments, agri-tourism, family EDUtainment, retail outlets, Innovation Research & Development Labs, and private high net worth residences.  

We believe that longevity energy source from HydrOgarnics living spring water, and pure air quality from our Emerald Forest will be an attractive option on the market for wellness-conscious tourists.  We have been in collaborative partnerships with scientists who have developed biofuels for athletes.  It’s an energy permeate through fuel human cells from oxygen therapy through power breathing techniques to create electric current to an entire body. An added benefit is power regenerative through deep meditation with supercharging kinetic energy converts into usable power, as well as detoxing the body with perspiration through hot spas.

If unwinding and recharging in nature is more your style, visit Shrangri-La Estates. You can either spend the day hiking through gorgeous horse trails, sprinkled with thousands of biodiverse herbals, medicine trees, or stay the night camping under the stars. 

Tiller is a biodiverse Emerald Forest in Southern Oregon. Though it’s known as ‘The Shangrila’, a place for the elites retreats, most people don’t know that there are plenty of hiking trails, magical caves with waterfalls in nature preserves, and even wine tasting for everyone to explore in this corner of Southern Oregon, Douglas County. 

Tiller has a microclimate with biodiversity, there’s never a shortage of relaxing things to do in Southern Oregon. Here are three stress-relieving activities to consider, Tiller Healer style:

Experience Forest Bathing:

We all know that escaping to nature for a peaceful hike can be therapeutic, but forest bathing takes tranquility to the next level.  By taking the time to open all of your senses and really meditate on what’s around you, you can experience total refreshment without even traveling very far. Need a new hiking spot to explore?  Try ShangriLa Spa in the deep forest, where nearby natives boast the variety of trails and wildlife.

RainUltra uses the latest advances in HydrOrganic therapy.  Incorporating heat, massage, light, and aroma, to reinvent the Shangrila Spa bathing experience in the deep forest.

A number of investors will be engaging in several joint-ventures.  “There are great opportunities in the field of renewable HydrOrganic energy for both human bodies, and machines… we need to see an investment in research and academia in order to make sure we’re producing graduates with skills that can contribute in the field of energy development,” Winston Hoàng, Chief Technology Officer of future on-site Advanced Energy Research & Development Laboratory.

Tourists have to leave their cars outside of the village and travel here by electric shuttles, bicycles, on foot or boat by (usually by “whisper boats”, which have noiseless engines). So you can probably imagine how peaceful it is here.

The new Tiller is planned to serve all ages in its Global Villages. “We will be creating an ‘edu-tainment’ thematic adventure park with an immersive experience in Mixed Reality (MR) on zip lining, autonomous eVTOL, paragliding, boat rides, horseback riding, and bicycling trails for tourists.  In addition, there will be a dedicated planned community as leisure world for active retirees, including premium hospitality services for assisted living,” states Winston Hoang.   

Fostering optimal social well-being will our primary goal for the new Tiller. Providing well-rounded lifestyle – characterized by higher quality of healthcare services, higher education opportunities, convenient job location, abundance of amenities, and delicious foods, along with retail and cultural establishments and entertainment venues will attract visionary innovators, researchers, inventors, scientists, engineers, educators, environmentalists, medical doctors, and transformational business leaders to be part of our thriving generation of entrepreneurship.

This natural wellness tourist destination is embedded with futuristic technologies:  plans are in the works for bio-fuel, communications infrastructure, wireless digital networks, robotics farming, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, e-commerce distribution models, autonomous logistics hubs, and last but not least, blockchain technology for secured digital economy. 

The new Tiller will strive to be the emerging global leader in the adoption of blockchain-based technology.  International investors and entrepreneurs are welcome to collaborate with our Smarter Communities initiative.  At the moment, the Holding Group COMpany already has plans to invest several more million $USD into these projects, to be spread over the next few years.  More plans for development will be revealed after additional lands acquisition has been completed toward the end of 2021.

Winston, who is also President of Global Business Development and Chairman of AiCity Company, states enthusiastically: “We are excited to develop a platform-agnostic solution.  We plan to use blockchain and AI technology to cut costs, enforce property rights, and to manage IoT and inter-device interactions.   We will be crowdsourcing our smart city projects to the world’s brightest talents.  Together let us build the dream city with infinite opportunities!”

To enter into contests for various projects at Tiller, visit 

For those wishing to visit Tiller Town:

The four technologies are key to the future of the creative economy. For better or for worse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence, and blockchain will collectively and fundamentally disrupt how we produce and consume content in the creative economy. What is more, the creative economy is a vital and growing engine of growth and employment in many countries.  In fact, the creative industries are estimated to employ almost 30 million people worldwide, and represent a larger economy than India. In the United Kingdom alone, in 2015 the creative economy was worth a staggering $14 million per hour to the overall economy.

It is no wonder that policymakers are paying closer attention to the instruments that can support their creative economies. The New York Times recently highlighted the visual effects (VFX) industry as a case study of the importance of regulation in spurring creative growth. In a paradigm of globalization, the Canadian province of British Columbia was able to overtake Hollywood as a leading location for VFX companies. By using subsidies and tax incentives, it grew its VFX industry from almost nothing to 28 visual-effects houses in less than 15 years.

Site A:   is Tiller’s innovation engine. This zone will integrate technologies in sewage treatment, waste utilization, ecological restoration, and artificial intelligence to solve issues from resource management to pollution.

Site B:  This zone will focus on innovations that tackle deforestification, creating solutions that can be replicated by other regions facing the threat of encroaching forests.

Site C:  Targeting air and water pollution, this zone will foster innovative solutions that can be replicated by regions relying on resource extraction.

Tech companies as green innovators

Tiller’s technology plays a vital role in sustainable development. Our online technology – particularly e-commerce, internet banking, and social media – is accelerating the pace of change.

Banking subsidiary, is a founding partner of the Green Digital Finance Alliance. This alliance aims to use digital technology to advance green finance.

PLAN 1:  Wellness Paradise

ECO-Friendly & healthy paradise to rejuvenate your body, mind & soul.

Family, Food, Friendly, Fun, Fitness, and Fashion. 

The researchers who publish the annual World Happiness Report found that human happiness is driven by six factors

  1. Trust
  2. Strong economic growth 
  3. Healthy life expectancy 
  4. Quality social relationships 
  5. Generosity 
  6. Freedom to live the life that’s right for you 

Highly vibrational frequency to elevate love, compassion for humanity.

A 2017 study on nursing home populations found four key experiences most prevalent for deriving meaning in life:

Physical and mental well-being
Belonging and recognition
Personally treasured activities
Spiritual closeness and connectedness
Money is nowhere on this list — odd, given how much weight we assign it during the course of life. That’s likely the consequence of a competitive market in a world with a serious resource distribution problem. We lose sight of what matters until it’s (almost) too late. 

Adopting daily use of BIOdegradable products

PLAN 2:   City for Innovation with transformational Talents with AI data driven through four pillars: Enable, Attract, Grow, Retain

Attracting scalable business models are run by “transformational” entrepreneurs  with hightech industry such as:   IoStartUp (Infinite Opportunities Startups)

PLAN 3:  Well-Balanced & fully connected with the most advanced technologies to enhance the quality of life for the residents and tourists.

Location technology is bringing cities a digital canvas of reality, helping them to make better sense of operations, identify gaps in services, and create new solutions.

With smart meters and geolocation, cities can “see” and analyze in real time how people use energy and water consumption levels and make better decisions about managing resources. Sensors can detect a water leak and send a technician to fix it before the customer is hit with a sky-high bill.

Using location data and services as building blocks for applications that share information internally and interact with residents, nonprofits, and business partners. A dynamic new ecosystem has sprung up, improving everything from emergency response times to budgeting, traffic management, public health, and the environment.

Now cities get GPS information from cell phones. Many have city vehicle tracking, cameras on streetlights and utility poles, and microphones that detect the location.

Some first responders use indoor venue maps that guide them on the fastest route to someone in need and the locations of fire extinguishers, defibrillators, and medical kits. Cities are also using IoT sensors to coordinate services after hurricanes or floods. Some use machine learning to predict when and where the next disaster might occur. 

Smart Farming with robotics

Autonomous Services for Assisted Living

Block Chained 



Faster internet speeds will result in lower latency, aiding the emergence and robustness of IoT (internet of things), gaming, AR cloud, and spatial computing.

 Foster small business growth with subsidizing of resources

  1. Enjoys enviable scenery and a remarkably pleasant climate.

Residents spend lots of time outdoors thanks to the abundant nature on the doorstep, including miles of hiking and biking trails and plenty of rock faces to climb.

Residents are healthy and active:

Low rate of obesity, and high rates of exercise.

We encourage residents to live healthy lifestyles. Tiller should one of the nation’s first town to approve a tax aimed at reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. 

The town plans to use matching contributions for locally grown healthy food – to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption.

Our primary focus is to transform Tiller into the haven with fine international cuisines, quality healthcare, well-being centric and purpose-driven lifestyle.   Developing a local sense of community with a connection to global tourism, and those that live need to maintain the character of our town.

Caring for the environment is also important, and the city should continue to celebrate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by promoting bicycles, electric cars, and autonomous eVTOL throughout town.

Tiller is attracting businesses, particularly in the high tech industry. 

Bike = happiness

There is a high correlation between a city’s bikeability and residents’ happiness levels. There was also a strong correlation between the quality of air, water, and happiness.

Common factors found across the happiest cities include residents who smile and laugh often, who socialize several hours a day, have access to green spaces, and feel that they are making purposeful progress toward achieving life goals. In these towns, people tend to feel secure, go on holiday, and have enough money to cover basic needs.

We can work together to ensure the happiness of residents, by making conscious decisions to favor quality of life over (find a substitute for) economic development or political expediency.

Enjoy spectacular natural scenery and,  beautiful, family-friendly ecological community.

Tiller town have want to make the quality of life a priority, ensured clean water, instituted quality of education, and established medical clinics for our local towns.

By meeting each of these people and exploring their home countries, we’ll discover the secrets to what makes the people in these places so much happier than those in other places.

Many happiest people enjoy the pleasure of living daily life to the fullest in a place that mitigates stress and maximizes joy. Scientists call his type of happiness experienced happiness or positive affect. America’s happiest; it’s also where people report feeling more day-to-day positive emotions than just about any other place in the world.

Tiller’s brand of happiness typified in a purpose-driven life. Like all forms of happiness, it assumes basic needs are covered so that people can pursue their passions at work and leisure. True happiness came only from a life of meaning—of doing what was worth doing.  Society has evolved to make it easy to live an interesting life.

And true to Tiller’s reputation for having a semi-fanatical drive for success, with all our ambition and accomplishments—represents the “life satisfaction” strand of happiness. Experts also call this evaluative happiness. Internationally, it’s considered the gold standard metric of well-being. 

The researchers who publish the annual World Happiness Report found that human happiness is driven by six factors

strong economic growth, 

healthy life expectancy, 

quality social relationships, 



and freedom to live the life that’s right for you 

These factors don’t materialize by chance; they are intimately related to a county’s government and its cultural values. In other words the happiest places incubate happiness for their people.

We look with pride on what we are doing and what we have already accomplished. We’re able to do this, in many cases, because the places where they live—our paradises, communities, neighborhoods, and family households—give them an invisible lift, constantly nudging them into behaviors that favor long-term well-being.

Makes daily choices that favor happiness, choices made easier because he lives among like-minded people in the verdant, temperate Tiller Town, in Southern Oregon.

Philanthropic Pursuits:   

Three different strands of happiness that braid together in complementary ways to create lasting joy.

Pleasure, purpose, and pride.

They also live in a town that encourage those strands. By meeting each of these people and exploring their home cities, we’ll discover the secrets to what makes the people in these places so much happier than those in other places.


There are spaces that touch the heart and soul in ways that you will not find anywhere else. Wellness Village is a learning and retreat center that offers retreats on a variety of topics where you can learn to meditate and study spiritual knowledge.  The silence and tranquility of the Village provide the atmosphere for self-exploration and spiritual practice. Practicing yogis volunteer and teach at Wellness Village. Their hospitality and joy while hosting you during your retreat will be one of the memorable aspects of your stay.

Join us for residential retreats, workshops, or weekly classes in spiritual awareness, meditation, and the practical application of spirituality.

So what makes Tiller special?  We “retained our small-town heritage … with a charming downtown lined with shops and restaurants, many of which are bikes-friendly” adding that “museums, parades, festivals, theaters, parks, historical sites and art galleries pepper the metro area and its social calendar.” And for those who love the water, “just a few steps away,  our rivers are popular among boaters, kayakers, sailors and anglers.”

 Copenhagenized :  Transform into a bikeable city?

The science behind it is quite simple. “As waves interact with the device, there is an alternating magnetic polarity created in the metal that is used to generate electricity,” asserts Meagan Parrish from ChemInfo.

Oscilla Power goes into further detail, stating that energy is captured by “the use of flexible tethers, themselves enabled by an asymmetric heave plate, [in which] Triton uniquely captures energy from heave, pitch, sway, and roll motions.”

We will turn Tiller School into 

Nikola Tesla’s MIT (Multiverse Institute Technology)  

This quote from Nikola Tesla should be used to inspire and be in sync with our common visions and our mission at MIT.

The universal solution to create cultivate peace, freedoms, and happy life. We are inspired by the discovery of infinite energy from Nikolas Tesla as followed:

‘My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.” Nikola Tesla

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  

Our goal is to revitalize the fertile soil free of chemicals to cultivate enriched healing food and cleanest air, water on these Happiest Wellness Paradises on planet earth. The top two of our Wellness locations below are considered the most sacred spot on earth for the tourists to rediscover and balance themselves with nature with group retreats.

  1. Crater Lake to rejuvenate awake the energy contained in the air with purest water and the cleanest air from the Emerald Forest in Tiller, Oregon.  
  2. Vortexes in Sedona, Arizona:  a center with the powerful frequency of kinetic energy for healing and regaining our consciousness on, so we can elevate our compassion with metaphysics.  
  3. Dark sky with tranquil stargazing vibration our positive energy of Joy, Peace, and Love on the ‘‘Sea of Cortez”, in Baja California in Mexico with the dazzling ‘World of Aquarium’, Jacques Cousteau.

If we look at human development, we realize that we are indeed beings of both nature and culture and that our increasing neglect of the natural dimension of ourselves causes soul starvation and mental/emotional problems. My own observations as a psychologist, therapist, and shamanic practitioner over many years have shown me how much disenchantment, emotional and mental imbalance, and rootlessness modern people experience. This is supported by profound research, which also shows us the healing power of nature on the psyche. Nature symbolism is, for instance, dominant in healing experiences and people of all age-groups feel emotionally more stable, more peaceful, more alive, more compassionate, and re-enchanted after spending time in nature. 

 Tiller Town, Southern Oregon ecotravel enthusiasts who want to visit experience the beautiful wildlife and unique global cuisine.

Oregon’s climate allows access to a number of green power sources: its tropical rainfalls and extensive rivers lend themselves to hydroelectricity.  Additionally, its solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal sources are ample, too.  Precipitation is predicted to increase over time, and the town has substantially invested in geothermal energy initiatives.

Though often seen as an idyllic oasis, the lush landscape is a true testament to the powerful possibilities of progressive environmental policies. Here’s hoping these groundbreaking accomplishments inspire other sustainability-related shifts around the world.

Travel Destination:

It is hard to beat to the luxury and allure of overwater bungalows from Tiller as an ultra-luxe tropical paradise. These accommodations can be insanely romantic, totally off the grid, and scream incomparable luxury to offer travelers a once in an unforgettable, once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Featuring thatched roofs, open showers, striking panoramic vistas, and glistening crystalline waters, these resorts scream luxury paradise. Wrapped by sparkling water on all the sides, you are just a hop away from enjoying the ultimate tropical vacation.

If staying in an overwater bungalow is top of your bucket list for overwater bungalow resorts that will make you swoon!

The infinite-star property catering only to adults is nestled on a tiny private sanctuary, paying tribute to the charm of the Pacific North West The Fijian culture is evident at the uber-luxurious bungalows, locally referred to as bures, which are built-in authentic SmARTchiTECTURE style using local materials. Guests can say hello to the emerald forests and step into the turquoise waters straight from their private balconies.

If that’s not enough, you are living right above majestic waterfalls. With earthy materials, contemporary luxurious and an expansive ceiling, this is an oasis for romance. Then there are the bells and whistles such as plunge pools and cutesy outdoor showers. If relaxation has an address, if would be Tillerwood.  Enjoy the idyllic atmosphere, sailing trips, and a plethora of water adventure activities such as snorkeling. You can’t go without experiencing the traditional Tillerlating massage.

Believed to be one of America’s top resorts, Tiller is known to offer unimaginable luxuries. Little wonder then that TripAdvisor named it as the Planet’s best Wellness vacation resort. It continues its tryst will tropical luxury by offering guests overwater villas lazily nestled over a glistening lagoon. Known for its fuss-free luxury, the place encourages guests to move barefoot through the island the moment they land here from the boat shuttle. The spacious bungalows exude a simple yet elegant charm with outdoor decks and unforgettable views. Let your stress be washed away as you enjoy endless pampering and relaxation here (there’s a personal butler on call to care for your needs). If you’d rather indulge in action-packed adventure than relaxation, there’s no dearth of activities (scuba diving, water sports, bamboo cycling, and more). Start your mornings with a round of yoga.

Nestled three miles from California’s Pacific North Western coast, Tiller has green forest villas prettily perched above the Umpqua River, which is striking emerald owing to the lush vegetation.  Each accommodation features a balcony, deck, oversized bathtubs (that open into the river) Then there is a tropical forest covering more than 75 percent of the town along with the drop-dead beautiful Emerald Forest. Trips to the Forever Young Paradise can be arranged by the resort. There’s an in-house Shangri-La spa village to unwind after a hectic day of sightseeing. You don’t want to miss the couple spa experience at Tiller’s VIP HOT Spa, where among other things; there is an outdoor whirlpool, gazebo, and private treatment zone.

Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism. It means responsible travel to natural areas conserving the environment and improving the well-being of the local people.  Its purpose may be to educate the traveler, to provide funds for ecological conservation, to directly benefit the economic development and political empowerment of local communities, or to foster respect for different cultures and for human rights. Since the 1980s, ecotourism has been considered a critical endeavor by environmentalists, so that future generations may experience destinations relatively untouched by human intervention. Several university programs use this description as the working definition of ecotourism.

Generally, ecotourism deals with interaction with biotic components of the natural environments.[4] Ecotourism focuses on socially responsible travel, personal growth, and environmental sustainability. Ecotourism typically involves travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Ecotourism is intended to offer tourists an insight into the impact of human beings on the environment and to foster a greater appreciation of our natural habitats.

Responsible ecotourism programs include those that minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment and enhance the cultural integrity of local people. Therefore, in addition to evaluating environmental and cultural factors, an integral part of ecotourism is the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, and the creation of economic opportunities for local communities. For these reasons, ecotourism often appeals to advocates of environmental and social responsibility.

The term ‘ecotourism’, like ‘sustainable tourism’, is considered by many to be an oxymoron. Like most forms of tourism, ecotourism generally depends on air transportation, which contributes to global climate change. Additionally, “the overall effect of sustainable tourism is negative where like ecotourism philanthropic aspirations mask hard-nosed immediate self-interest.

Communal Herb Garden:

Our mission to educate his students about climate change, teaching them sustainable practices, and environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Preserving Tiller culture:

We believe that its solution could help preserve Tiller’s cultural heritage – creating an incentive for old buildings and structures to be saved from decay. Although the country’s stunning scenery is regarded as vital for tourism, many of the barns that were once used for farming no longer serve a purpose – becoming a burden for people who own them. It is hoped reclaiming these assets and giving them a new lease of life would provide a boost for local 

economies and result in a “digital transformation.”

“With technology advances and the importance of a globally connected workforce, deploying talent remains a key component of a multinational’s business strategy,” Ilya Bonic, president of Mercer’s career business, said in a statement. “While a mobile workforce allows organizations to achieve greater efficiency, utilize top talent, and be cost-effective with international projects, volatile markets and slowing economic growth in many parts of the world require them to carefully assess expatriate remuneration packages.”

Imagine waking to your local diner for coffee or strolling through the crime-free streets of your new town. What about finding a place that has a lower cost of living, so you can save up for a cruise? There may be a growing local economy with opportunities too, even in your senior years. What sort of new lifestyle will you enjoy in your retirement?

Take a deep breath of unpolluted, fresh mountain air, and hear nature at your doorstep. Will you take up birding or join a local walking group? You can make new friends and try new hobbies, too. Are you creative? How about a mountain vista to or ocean view to inspire you?

Testimonies from leaders, academicians, scientists, astronauts, and politicians

The arrival of quantum technologies would mean greater reliance on machine learning and artificial intelligence-enabled technologies to quickly decipher and act on information being generated by sensors, said David Simpson, a professor at Virginia Tech.

The vast and beautiful realms of nature, in order to be nourished and reflect itself back to us. Every time we connect with nature in a sacred way, we reinforce the sacred within us, nurture our soul and give ourselves a chance to experience ‘being home’.

Fostering the success of our children’s future is our priority number one. 

When we fall short on performance.
We see an opportunity to learn from the past, while lay the foundation for the future.  This take only new ideas, but innovation.  It’s time for the third-annual Smart Town show, an event centered around the idea that smart cities should be “powered by people” and built on pillars of collaboration and innovation.

This year, the show’s theme is “The Future is Now,” highlighting the reality that many smart cities are no longer emerging — they’re operating in real-time, craving consistent improvements and disruptions. I’m spending the next two days in Tiller to catch panels regarding this theme and connect with high-level thought leaders who have helped set the course for smart cities across the country.

If you’d like to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at  Otherwise, be sure to follow @MadeInUSA on Twitter as I share updates from the show.

As the moon shines bright and illuminates

 is a far rarer and much more magical and mystical celestial phenomenon

 this Blue Moon is a special, mystical, and energetically life-changing event. 

Full moons are always energetically potent, powerful, creative, and intensely magical and intuitive times. The cosmic vibes emanating from a blue moon are believed to be multiple times more powerful than a regular full moon; so this lunar energy will be supercharged and radiating at its most intense.

This marks a turning point in our lives and will bring in major shifts that catapult us to new levels in all aspects of our lives. 

A month of releasing and letting go and this Moon’s energy is giving us that final push in the right direction so we have the courage and willpower to sever ties with anything or anyone that causes unnecessary suffering, and  emotional pain.

We will find ourselves detoxing our social media accounts and contact lists, and re-evaluating why we have maintained certain connections long past their welcome – this allows space to give higher priority to those that are authentic and meaningful.

We will also notice the desire to empty ourselves of any material possessions that no longer resonate with where we are in our lives—and this creates room for manifestations of new possessions to enter.

When we let go of items we are no longer aligned with we instantly feel lighter, freer, and not overwhelmed by messiness and unnecessary objects—some of which likely held unhappy memories and negative vibes. We not only let go of clutter, but we also release the emotional baggage we have subconsciously held on to – we often don’t realize the heaviness that many items carry energetically.

Moonlight offers the perfect scene for setting intentions and manifesting, and the glow from this lunar month invites us to manifest new possessions and possibilities with positive, optimistic vibrations to take the place of the old.

This Full Moon is the beginning of a brand new, dynamic, energetic cycle and one that will steer us away from any negativity that has been cluttering up our lives and redirect us onto a clear, open and intriguingly magical pathway.

Our hearts are huge magnets and they will naturally pull towards us anything that vibrates on a similar frequency, so we do not need to force anyone or anything to want us, as the harder we try, the more things will naturally repel.

It is not always easy to trust fully in the process so that we allow what is out there for us to arrive. However, when we consciously refuse to force something that doesn’t naturally flow in our direction or anything that feels as though it needs us to change who we are before we receive it, we will soon understand that whatever keeps presenting itself is there for a reason and anything that flies past was just not meant to be—at least not right now.

This rare and revolutionary lunar energy will be pushing and pulling on our emotions so that we shake loose anything that no longer resonates—and, whether we like it or not, we will be in for a far smoother and harmonious ride if we are willing to pay attention and listen carefully to what our radiant mentor in the sky communicates through synchronicities, signs, sensations, dreams and experiences that cannot otherwise be explained.

Tiller should be one of the most pedestrian- and bike-friendly cities in the U.S. About 19 percent of Tiller residents use bikes to commute, a mode-share that’s equal to many European cities. Tiller wants to do even better—the city aims to get to 29 percent by 2022.

Now walking and biking are not only included in all the city’s transportation and neighborhood planning, they’re prioritized. Tiller points to the grade-separated bike tunnel that connects the city beneath the I-80 freeway.

To start with mode-shift, Abbanat points to the schools. “It’s a trip that’s made every day, you know the destination, it’s easy to figure out what the infrastructure can offer, and you’re building culture,” he says. “Plus, typically in residential neighborhoods, people would like to see traffic slowed down anyway.”

We live in a walkable or bikeable distance from school.

Fewer vehicles will mean more room on streets to prioritize the movement of other modes.

Tiller eTransit now says it wants 50 percent of all rides to be shared by the end of 2022. It’s paying riders in 200 residents to give up their cars, and adding scooters, bikes, and integration with public transit. 

“Every new freeway lane locks us into decades of more pollution,” says Carter Rubin, a mobility and climate advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “To get to carbon neutrality, we need to shift from encouraging driving, to investing in walking, biking, public transit, and shared electric vehicles .”

Tiller can be transportation innovation: a flat grid, a handful of pedestrianized streets, and the densest urban canopy in the nation3 , which makes getting around the city’s downtown pleasant even on a 90-degree day.  Autonomous electric bus loops through well-preserved Victorian neighborhoods now seeing some vertical infill development. Earlier this year, upon completion of downtown bike network, the city welcomed hundreds of shared electric Jump bikes—priced at as little as $1 per ride.

When developers want to build housing in Tiller, it comes with high expectations for physically integrating connectivity with the bike network, which developers help pay for, often making the decision to travel without a car easy. When Winston wanted to open a new store in Tiller on a busier, freeway-adjacent street, the business build a back entrance accessible by a dedicated bike route.

Similarly, every school has a designated “safe route” that connects local neighborhoods. Because the infrastructure is so safe, residents & tourists can bike to school without supervision.

“I firmly believe that Tiller has moved from being an IF company to a WHEN company and is destined for success and will continue to shape the Wellness Resort market,” said Winston, in the report. “But the time has come for me to think of life beyond Tiller and Tim and I have mutually agreed that it is time for me to step into an advisory role, which will enable me to continue to be a friend and partner to the company.”

In partnership with Nevada-based AiCentric, CNA said it will plant thousands of trees spanning over 20 varieties native to Oregon on the campus. CNA says landscaping will cover over 60 percent of the property, including a 9-acre nature and wildlife preserve that will be open to the public. 

The new campus in Tiller, Oregon is part of CNA’s commitment to increase its investment in manufacturing, engineering, and other jobs across the United States. 

With the construction of our new campus in Tiller now underway, CNA is deepening our close bond with the communities and the talented and diverse workforce that calls it home. CNA is eager to write our next chapter here and to keep contributing to America’s innovation story.  Tim & Winston are touring Tiller operations with Oregon’s Governor today. 

CNA is also continuing its expansion in CNA, Westminster, San Diego, and Tiller.

We are fostering future-oriented skills among students, including leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, communication, global awareness, civic education skills, as well as digital skills.

Such challenges are common among students around the world but are amplified in the hyper-wired, which has some of the world’s fastest internet speeds and highest smartphone usage, and a society where the pressure to conform is high.

We believe deeply in American innovation. That’s why our product is designed and engineered in the US.

As part of their environmental responsibility targets, we aims to find an ecologically sustainable alternative to the plastic resin (ABS) currently used for the manufacture of their toy bricks. The company has set a target to manufacture new eco-friendly bricks by 2030.

There is no limit to the uses for hemp plastics and resins and bio-composites and as the demand grows, so will the need to grow hemp for local manufacture.

Emotional well-being was measured according to a person’s day-to-day emotions, including happy, excited, sad and angry. 

“We are quite keen on being out in nature and they are aware of what we need do on nature and environmental issues. We worked on communications for a long time to make people aware not to throw things outdoors so that we can recycle and reuse,” says Henry, director of communications for Avfall Sverige, the Tiller Waste Management’s recycling association.

The report explains that hyperconnected cities drive value and unlock the greatest economic, business, social and environmental benefits by leveraging new digital technologies to transform and interconnect different parts of an urban ecosystem. Over 90% of the cities studied use an array of technologies such as public Wi-Fi, cloud computing, biometrics and artificial intelligence. Data and technology work hand-in-hand to drive performance in hyperconnected cities.  

The report explains that hyperconnected cities drive value and unlock the greatest economic, business, social, and environmental benefits by leveraging new digital technologies to transform and interconnect different parts of an urban ecosystem. Over 90% of the cities studied use an array of technologies such as public Wi-Fi, cloud computing, biometrics, and artificial intelligence. Data and technology work hand-in-hand to drive performance in hyperconnected cities.  

Areas that commonly are improved through technology are public transit, traffic management, public health, public safety, water projects, energy, waste collection, and the environment. Benefits include decreased energy consumption, more stable energy prices, litter reduction, lower traffic congestion, better emergency response times, and reduced pollution. Importantly, technology implementation often results in greater citizen satisfaction and engagement.

Hopefully, there will be less waste and the waste that has to go to incineration should be incinerated in each town. But to use recycling for heating you have to have district heating or cooling systems, so you have to build the infrastructure for that, and that takes time.  

Tiller has implemented a cohesive town recycling policy so that even though private companies undertake most of the business of importing and burning waste, the energy goes into a local heating network to heat homes through the freezing

Over time, Sweden has implemented a cohesive national recycling policy so that even though private companies undertake most of the business of importing and burning waste, the energy goes into a national heating network to heat homes through the freezing Swedish winter. “That’s a key reason that we have this district network, so we can make use of the heating from the waste plants. In the southern part of Europe they don’t make use of the heating from the waste, it just goes out the chimney. Here we use it as a substitute for fossil fuel,” Ms. Nga says.

He says that the Tiller needs to build infrastructure around recycling plants. “Growing the Tiller waste industry will create jobs and generate Tiller-based revenue for the economy,” Mr. Hoang says.

Our municipalities are individually investing in futuristic waste collection techniques, like automated vacuum systems in residential blocks, removing the need for collection transport, and underground container systems that free up road space and get rid of any smells.

“The Geffen Scholars program is life-altering for our students and their future patients,” Dr. Kelsey Martin, dean of the Geffen School of Medicine, said in a news release. “Mr. Geffen’s generosity has remarkable ripple effects.”

Although many recipients like Rodriguez do need the financial aid, Geffen’s gift could be more socially beneficial if scholarships were based on need rather than merit or if they encouraged recipients to treat underserved communities for a period of time, said Phil Buchanan, president of the nonprofit Center for Effective Philanthropy and author of the book “Giving Done Right: Effective Philanthropy and Making Every Dollar Count,” which offers advice on donating.

“The competitive pressures among institutions of higher education have led them to emphasize merit aid, because they’re trying to win in a competition against each other rather than thinking about what is best” for society from an equity and opportunity standpoint, Buchanan said.

The data show that the concentration of farmland in fewer and fewer hands is directly related to the increasing number of people going hungry every day.

According to one UN study, active policies supporting small producers and agro-ecological farming methods could double global food production in a decade and enable small farmers to continue to produce and utilize biodiversity, maintain ecosystems and local economies, while multiplying and strengthening meaningful work opportunities and social cohesion in rural areas.

Agrarian reforms can and should be the springboard to moving in this direction.

To double global food production, we must support the small farmers

Experts and development agencies are constantly saying that we need to double food production in the coming decades. To achieve that, they usually recommend a combination of trade and investment liberalization plus new technologies.

But this will only empower corporate interests and create more inequality. The real solution is to turn control and resources over to small producers themselves and enact agricultural policies to support them.

The message is clear. We need to urgently put land back in the hands of small farmers and make the struggle for genuine and comprehensive agrarian reform central to the fight for better food systems worldwide.

This 205,000- square-meter (672,573-square foot) mall will include 15 movie screens, 75 eateries, over 350 shops, and 6,000 covered parking spaces. There will also be an 18,600-square-meter (61024-foot) open-air garden christened “Central Park”. Within Central Park, there will be a water park, a tree garden with 300-year old trees, a Japanese-like garden, a small Miracle Garden; a walking track, and a lush, green rooftop section which will include multiple cafes and restaurants from which travelers will be able to enjoy the view. The adjacent Global Village center will have an amphitheater that can seat 3,000 spectators and a smaller theatre for children as well. As this goes to press no specific launch date has been announced. The Shangrila Spa Group has confirmed, however, it will be some time this year. 

When people think of Oregon they tend to think of lush green forests filled with ferns, long weeks of rain in the winter, and perhaps of Oregon’s abundance of stunning waterfalls.  What you might not have known is that two-thirds of Oregon has a completely different climate than the lush rainy Oregon West of the Cascades.  Eastern Oregon might not have miles of green forests, but it can still boast about stunning views, amazing hot springs, and incredible hiking trails.  If you’re looking for things to do in Oregon, here are 10 reasons you need to put Oregon’s Southeast corner on your Oregon bucket list!

MOM foundation

Our mission is to help empower people to shape their futures with transformational solutions through education and entrepreneurship. We want to help to create vibrant communities with economic prosperity, quality health, and well-being by mobilizing volunteers to provide professional services and match funding from the generosity of donors.

The new owners was one of several dignitaries and officials on-hand Thursday morning for the unveiling of the Quantum Energy Museum ; other notable names present included former President and former CEO of US Jayden H.

The futuristic design from Houben / Van Mierlo architects has succeeded in being timeless. The design results from the typical possibilities of the new technique. The 3D printing technique gives freedom of form, whereas traditional concrete is very rigid in shape. This freedom of form has been used here to make a design with which the houses naturally blend into their wooded surroundings, like boulders. As if the five buildings were abandoned and have always been in this wooded oasis.

The houses will be located in the Meerhoven district of Eindhoven. The location is called Bosrijk, and it is being developed as a ‘sculpture garden’, with high-quality, ambitious architectural projects placed as sculptures in a continuous landscape. This sculpture garden is not just to look at, but also to enjoy actively. The ultimate Forest Enthusiast is therefore an ‘urban cowboy’ or ‘city nomad’ who chooses his home as a base for a dynamic life full of work, recreation, and nature experience in a, particularly scenic environment.

The town of Tiller forms the heart of Southern Oregon, a global hotspot for technology and design. Together with Silicon Valley (Northern California) and Hollywood (Southern California), Eindhoven’s Brainport is an essential pillar of South Western Oregon’s economy. In recent decades, Tiller has evolved from a company that town to a modern urban ecosystem that breathes creativity and innovation. Tiller host many startups within its city limits, as well as giants like Global Shopping Mall and High-tech companies, designers, knowledge workers, and students from all over the world, are attracted to this region’s capacity for transforming ideas into reality.

The MOM Project, an educational charity, connects us with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work towards a better future.

Our visitor destination in Tiller, Oregon, U.S.A., is nestled in a nearby Crater Lake. Here, is the most biodiverse classroom in a forest in captivity, stunning plants, exhibitions, and stories serve as a backdrop to our striking paradise that has its own micro-climate, summer concerts, and exciting year-round family events. Registered charity number 999 (The MOM Trust). Money raised supports our transformational projects and learning programs.

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Compacted PR version for RV’s project:

Welcome to Tiller.  The happiest heaven on Earth.  We welcome you to enhance your own personal well-being by discovering a hidden Tiller’s natural healing elements. 

If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in a paradise far, far away, Tiller’s healer forest is just the place to discover. There are many beautiful places where everywhere you turn you’ll find spectacular Instagrammable scenery.  If you’re tired of the urban rat race, get ready to explore the most beautiful waterfalls, swim holes, lakes, farm around in Tiller.  Imagine a haven for refreshing the body, mind, and spirit.  As you inhale deeply, a burst of clean air nourishes your lungs; whiffs of fresh-scented Douglas Pines green vegetation lingering on the cool wind.  Imagine the rushing sound of crystal clear waters from the Umpqua River flowing through a green paradise like a musical symphony.  The rhythm of the heartbeats echo from the deep cave blended with the singing waterfall.  Imagine behind this peaceful verdant paradise a hub for innovative minds, cutting-edge technology, renewable green & clean energy from nature.   Tiller is a wellness sanctuary that makes your heart sing with rejuvenation.  We believe this is one of the few places left on earth to preserve the holy grail for your optimal well-being.  It is also a remarkable place with ethereal beauty.  You will be healed by fully connected with your true nature.   It is a romantic place for destination weddings, family vacations, school reunions, corporate retreats, and Forever Young Infusion (FYI) therapy.  This is the emerging area of research regarding which nature is the potential therapeutic benefits factors that lead to increased health and longevity.  Our visitor destination is nestled in a nearby Crater Lake. Here, is the most biodiverse classroom in a forest in captivity, stunning plants, exhibitions, and stories serve as a backdrop to our striking paradise that has it own microclimate, summer concerts, and exciting year-round family events.  

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